Sage 50 Accounting 2016 to get connected

My Google Hangout on Air introduced how Sage 50 Accounting 2016 (US Edition) will be the first accounting software product supported by Suntico’s new cloud connector technology.  This new connector technology will open up new possibilities for powerful web and mobile applications to interact with Sage 50 accounting data.

I believe that most business software innovation today is happening in the cloud, yet most small to medium sized business accounting data remains on servers within company premises.  The most valuable activities in a business tend to start or finish in the accounting system.  Any processes driving these activities very often benefit from access to data in the accounting software.  This would typically be data about customers, transactions or products.

Cloud connector technology for Sage 50 Accounting 2016

What Suntico’s connector technology will do for Sage 50 Accounting 2016 (US Edition) is provide a more or less real-time mirror of the Sage 50 data up in a secure cloud database. Updates to Sage 50 2016 will be reflected in the cloud database and vice versa.

A published interface, or API as the industry likes to call it, then enables software developers to connect their apps to the Sage 50 Accounting 2016 data in the cloud.  Three types of application will take advantage of this:

  • Suntico’s own account management CRM application
  • Leading 3rd party apps that Suntico integrates with the cloud database
  • 3rd party apps that are connected by the third party.

Account management CRM

Suntico’s own app is an exciting new online account management solution that uses a Facebook-like social interface to support sales reps and their interactions with customers and head office.

Third party apps

Third party apps that Suntico plans to integrate to this cloud database of Sage 50 Accounting 2016 data include:


I am pleased to say that since I announced Suntico’s intention to publish an API to the cloud database, we have had enormous interest from the developer community.  Also any people in end-user companies with Sage 50 that I have spoken to have been equally enthusiastic.

In my opinion, what Suntico is offering to companies with Sage 50 accounting software is to move straight to a post-ERP solution that is incredibly flexible.  It avoids the painful compromises that many companies have to make if they implement a traditional ERP system, yet can deliver many if not more of the benefits.

What next?

Any developers interested in hooking their app up to Sage 50 Accounting 2016, please register your interest with Suntico and we will be in touch.

Similarly, any businesses currently using Sage 50, why not try our demo account for the Suntico account management CRM app?