Five lessons that children can teach you

We erroneously think that adults can teach children, but not the other way around. Looking to our kids, nephews, nieces, godchildren and such, we can learn a few things about life that we tend to forget as we grow. -       There’s an awesome world around you. Discover it!   Children [...]

What Does Your Customer Want? Five Steps to Improve your Sales

What does your customer want? Traditional solutions and sales methods aren’t working like they used to. The price and value of a product is no longer the main decision factor for buyers. According to research conducted last year by The Rain Group, customers are looking for more than just a [...]

Generation Y and the New Employee Profile

In recent years, companies began hiring a particular group of people: the Generation Y. Born during the 1980s and 1990s, Generation Y are characterised by their familiarity with technology, demand for instant gratification, high qualifications and the will to do something they value. Despite the numerous studies about these “echo [...]

Business Knowledge Behind Popular Wisdom

When starting a business, the most important thing to have is an original idea. When your inspired idea is ready to go, the company can begin to take shape. You can develop a finance department; an IT department; marketing department; and so on. Although managing a business is no picnic, [...]

The Work-Life Balance: Lessons I’ve Learned From An Axe-Murderer

In November 1980, Jack Torrance and his family arrived at the secluded Overlook Hotel, high up in the Colorado Mountains. Hoping the solitude would help his writing, Jack, an aspiring novelist, had accepted a job as off-season caretaker; ignoring warnings about being snowed in for most of the winter, as [...]

Lessons That Romantic Relationships Can Teach You About Customer Relationship

At first glance, romantic relationships and customer relationships can seem completely different. However, when you realize that both are formed closely between people, you realize that both have things in common. Here are some lessons that romantic relationships can teach you about treating your customers: Success Demands Effort, Dedication and [...]

More Content, More Problems: The Struggles of a Sales Rep

Over here at Suntico, the marketing & content guys work very closely with the sales guys. When we're designing campaigns or creating customer offers, the sales guys are always happy to use and promote the content we produce. And we're always happy to hear their ideas and feedback. After all, they're the [...]

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