Isn’t it frustrating that the world of business and commerce doesn’t accede, align itself to technology and just dive into the cloud the way the whole of the industry would like?

Doesn’t it grind your gears that, as an app developer, you’ve just invented the most awesome piece of automation / collaboration / communication technology and the world just won’t play ball by making their data available to it?

Over 80% of application development these days is for / is in the cloud – but we maintain that an even higher percentage of a business’s most important financial data is on-premises.

Now, we’re going to tell you how you can solve this problem and connect to over 500,000 businesses that have their most valuable transactions on their own infrastructure.

Suntico has developed the technology to do the hard part – extract the data from the on-premises application. We’ve developed connectors to the most popular financial accounting software packages in use by SMEs globally – packages like Sage 50 and Quickbooks desktop.
This facilitates customer data being published to a web database and then made available to applications like Suntico CRM and the many 3rd party applications in the cloud.

Our API will allow developers with best-of-breed SaaS, mobile and other applications which consume financial transaction data access to these transactions opening up a new market which was previously unavailable.

So, to answer our own question, yes! – it’s now possible to access businesses most valuable transactions and data by using the Suntico API – how many of those businesses will jump at the chance to use your app?

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