Accountex 2014 – a clash of two clouds

Unfortunately I was unable to make Accountex 2014 - either as an exhibitor or as a mere attendee. However - I have been keeping my beady eye on the tweets coming out and there are two clouds in the tweetisphere: Sage One and Xero. Sage One at Accountex 2014 A [...]

Information and the SMB

Information and the SMB Here’s an interesting tidbit: we now receive five times the amount of information daily that we did in 1986. This amounts to about roughly 180 newspaper pages per day. For me, this drives home the notion that we live in a culture of information. Things like [...]

To our customers we all just look like penguins on the beach

I have decided to write about the "penguins on the beach" challenge because at Suntico we face a classic problem facing any enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.  I admit that it seems strange to talk about classic problems in an industry that is barely out of diapers, but it is a [...]

Sage results 2013 – a developer’s perspective

The numbers that interest me in the Sage results 2013 I am not concerned about the classical highlights from the Sage results 2013.  Revenues, profits and dividends concern me only indirectly as a indicator about what is happening with the customers. Suntico is no ordinary Sage Development Partner [...]

Sage One Collaborate highlights the value of online

Today Sage launched the new Sage One Collaborate service.  This allows accountants who work with clients that use Sage One to exchange and approve files securely online. There is a lot of debate about the merits of online software versus traditional "on premises" software.  The traditionalists argue that the young [...]

Lucky Friday 13th (or am I tempting fate by saying that?)

Friggatriskaidekaphobia is my word for the day – (huge hint in today’s date, folks).  I don’t suffer from it myself, nor any of my colleagues, thank God.  Because today we pressed the Big Red Button and switched “Test” to “Live” on our Sage One product! As a very special offer, [...]

What’s worse than being talked about?

[title size="3"]According to Oscar Wilde, it’s not being talked about!   But we needn’t worry, at Sage Summit last month, people were talking about us.[/title] Greg Tirico, Senior Social Media Manager at Sage, chatted with two Sage partners about what’s new and popular at Summit this year. Debrah Burleigh, one of [...]

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