Sage 50 Accounting 2016 to ride a wave of cloud services

Sage 50 Accounting 2016 to get connected My Google Hangout on Air introduced how Sage 50 Accounting 2016 (US Edition) will be the first accounting software product supported by Suntico’s new cloud connector technology.  This new connector technology will open up new possibilities for powerful web and mobile applications to interact [...]

Thanksgiving: Six Ways to Say Thank You

Thanksgiving isn’t just about food and football. It’s the time of year where we celebrate all the reasons we have to be thankful. So before you fill up on turkey, why not show your appreciation to the customers, employees and co-workers who have helped make your business a success? If [...]

Cyber Monday Marketing Tips For Small Business

Cyber Monday is probably the busiest online shopping day of the year in the United States. And, as more and more consumers begin to rely on the internet for great deals, gift ideas and savings, there’s a huge opportunity for small businesses to increase their sales. As we approach Cyber [...]

The Work-Life Balance: Lessons I’ve Learned From An Axe-Murderer

In November 1980, Jack Torrance and his family arrived at the secluded Overlook Hotel, high up in the Colorado Mountains. Hoping the solitude would help his writing, Jack, an aspiring novelist, had accepted a job as off-season caretaker; ignoring warnings about being snowed in for most of the winter, as [...]

Lessons That Romantic Relationships Can Teach You About Customer Relationship

At first glance, romantic relationships and customer relationships can seem completely different. However, when you realize that both are formed closely between people, you realize that both have things in common. Here are some lessons that romantic relationships can teach you about treating your customers: Success Demands Effort, Dedication and [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Connect to Your Business With This New Sage 50 Cloud Extension

Suntico's latest webinar series will continue on September 17th, 2014 at 1.00 pm (EDT) with a webinar entitled Connect to Your Business With This New Sage 50 Cloud Extension. The 30-minute webinar will examine how Suntico can make collaboration between finance and all other departments easier and more efficient. It will [...]

Tips On Writing An Effective Press Release

Every business owner knows the importance of advertising and marketing their company. There’s a lot of ways to get your company name out there, but if you’re looking to get media coverage then a press release can be a great way to promote your business. An effective press release can help get [...]

How much company data should you share with your sales team?

How much company data should you share with your sales team? This is a thorny question. Sales reps are notoriously disloyal and are often hired on the strength of the information they bring from a competitor. Yet sales reps are, well, representatives of your company. They should therefore be armed with all [...]

A Question of Time: How Valuable is Time to Small Business Owners?

From sales to marketing, the average small business owner performs multiple roles within their own company so time is often a precious commodity. But how valuable is time to small business owners? And how can they manage it better? A Matter of Time (via Mavenlink)

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