The Work-Life Balance: Lessons I’ve Learned From An Axe-Murderer

In November 1980, Jack Torrance and his family arrived at the secluded Overlook Hotel, high up in the Colorado Mountains. Hoping the solitude would help his writing, Jack, an aspiring novelist, had accepted a job as off-season caretaker; ignoring warnings about being snowed in for most of the winter, as [...]

Is the new Sage 50 Accounting software subscription license a good thing?

Is the new Sage 50 Accounting software subscription license a good thing for you and your business? You are probably aware by now that Sage is moving as quickly as it can to a subscription license model for its Sage 50 Accounting software (formerly Peachtree or Simply Accounting) and Sage 50 [...]

Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Batman

Holy septuagenarians, Batman! The Caped Crusader turns 75 this year. Discover what lessons your business can learn from Gotham's Dark Knight. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Batman. First appearing in Detective Comics #27, the character emerged from the shadows in 1939 and has been striking fear into cowardly and [...]

Choosing a CRM Solution for your Business

Choosing a CRM system for your business can be a daunting task. You’ll quickly find that the market is swamped with different vendors and options, each praising the merits of their own system, claiming theirs is the best for your business and each offering its own advantages and disadvantages. So [...]

Accountex 2014 – a clash of two clouds

Unfortunately I was unable to make Accountex 2014 - either as an exhibitor or as a mere attendee. However - I have been keeping my beady eye on the tweets coming out and there are two clouds in the tweetisphere: Sage One and Xero. Sage One at Accountex 2014 A [...]

Ten Reasons Why Suntico is an Alternative to Traditional CRM

For many small to medium sized businesses, customer service is often their biggest competitive advantage over their larger rivals. This can make managing customer relationships an intimidating, albeit highly rewarding, task and many companies need help keeping all the balls in the air. This is where a CRM system comes [...]

To our customers we all just look like penguins on the beach

I have decided to write about the "penguins on the beach" challenge because at Suntico we face a classic problem facing any enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.  I admit that it seems strange to talk about classic problems in an industry that is barely out of diapers, but it is a [...]

Enterprise Social Networking is different for SMB’s – three reasons why

There is a software category called “Enterprise Social Networking”.  The category is barely 5 years old yet already boasts around 100 vendors with credible solutions.  If you are not sure what it is, think of Facebook, but for use internally within a company. Three examples are Yammer (purchased by Microsoft in [...]

Blog Recap: Our Best Blogs of 2013

Here is a list of some of our best blogs from 2013, dedicated to helping you create or expand your dream business in 2014. The value of online to your business: a series of posts explaining how switching to online can benefit your business in the coming year. Part 1:  Sage [...]

It’s working capital, but not as we know it

This week, for the eighth successive month, the UK economic growth projections for 2014 were revised upwards.  Encouragingly, this was not a UK government forecast, but an average forecast from 38 independent economists. I am not an economist, but I am a businessman and when the average forecast is clearly [...]

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