Enterprise Social Networking

To Share or Not to Share – What is right for your company data?

A blog inspired by tweets from Sage Summit 2014 To Share or Not to Share - What is right for your company data? When I was little, things were secret. Parents only told their kids stuff on a need-to-know basis. Letters and messages were private, intended only for the recipient. And [...]

Information and the SMB

Information and the SMB Here’s an interesting tidbit: we now receive five times the amount of information daily that we did in 1986. This amounts to about roughly 180 newspaper pages per day. For me, this drives home the notion that we live in a culture of information. Things like [...]

To our customers we all just look like penguins on the beach

I have decided to write about the "penguins on the beach" challenge because at Suntico we face a classic problem facing any enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.  I admit that it seems strange to talk about classic problems in an industry that is barely out of diapers, but it is a [...]

Enterprise Social Networking is different for SMB’s – three reasons why

There is a software category called “Enterprise Social Networking”.  The category is barely 5 years old yet already boasts around 100 vendors with credible solutions.  If you are not sure what it is, think of Facebook, but for use internally within a company. Three examples are Yammer (purchased by Microsoft in [...]

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