Upcoming Webinar: Connect to Your Business With This New Sage 50 Cloud Extension

Suntico's latest webinar series will continue on September 17th, 2014 at 1.00 pm (EDT) with a webinar entitled Connect to Your Business With This New Sage 50 Cloud Extension. The 30-minute webinar will examine how Suntico can make collaboration between finance and all other departments easier and more efficient. It will [...]

What Can You Do in 15 Minutes?

A quick Google search brings up a lot of answers such as cooking a meal with Jamie Oliver, taking a nap, de-cluttering your desk and the slightly more bizarre activity of seeing what’s in your neighbour’s trash. Realistically though, it’s not a whole lot of time. It’s the length of [...]

Ten Reasons Why Suntico is an Alternative to Traditional CRM

For many small to medium sized businesses, customer service is often their biggest competitive advantage over their larger rivals. This can make managing customer relationships an intimidating, albeit highly rewarding, task and many companies need help keeping all the balls in the air. This is where a CRM system comes [...]

Information and the SMB

Information and the SMB Here’s an interesting tidbit: we now receive five times the amount of information daily that we did in 1986. This amounts to about roughly 180 newspaper pages per day. For me, this drives home the notion that we live in a culture of information. Things like [...]

To our customers we all just look like penguins on the beach

I have decided to write about the "penguins on the beach" challenge because at Suntico we face a classic problem facing any enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.  I admit that it seems strange to talk about classic problems in an industry that is barely out of diapers, but it is a [...]

Intacct validates Suntico with their Dreamforce Chatter

This week at Dreamforce '13, Intacct announced an exciting link with Chatter -’s corporate social network.  See the press release here. This is exciting for me, because Intacct's concept is just like Suntico.  It is reassuring that the wise people at Intacct see a similar opportunity.  Except of course [...]

But it doesn’t quack like a CRM!

It does not look like a CRM. It does not walk like a CRM. It doesn’t quack like a CRM. So what the **** was Suntico doing in the CRM section at Sage Summit this year?   Well to be honest - it is for two reasons.  The first, is that I [...]

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